Visual Violins of the Mendocino Coast

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Fiddler On The Roof


Artist: Sev Ickes

It didn't take me too long to come up with the idea for my violin... "Fiddler on the Roof". I did some research on costumes in the USSR and as well found some very interesting articles on the many productions of the story. And here is mine, as always full of color and rosy cheeks! Thanks for asking me, this was a delightful project.

Born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, Sev moved to Mendocino in 1983 where she began her full time career as an artist. From that time forward her paintings have been sold in galleries in Amsterdam, Zurich, Kauai, Costa Rica, Japan, NYC, Chicago, and San Diego. Words used to define her style include, naive, folk, and modern primitive. Her work has been selected to represent the USA in The Swiss Prize for Modern Primitive Painting in Zurich, Switzerland. Sev's paintings express her delightful sense of humor, love of color and ability to look at and capture the good and happy things in life. Her images have been reproduced on fabric, clothing, needlepoint, puzzles, calendars, prints and greeting cards. Sev has been the poster artist for Winesong, Art in the Gardens and the Mendocino Music Festival. Her originals can be seen in Mendocino at Panache Gallery on Main Street.

Calla Concerto


Artist: Suzi Marquess Long

After many weeks of contemplation, consideration, contrivances, creative conceptions and copious quantities of corn dogs, I reeled in the Muse with a selection of images by Picasso and chose a few bits and pieces to occupy the prepared surface of my violin. When held properly, a Picasso-esque image mirrors the musician; other decorative elements only add to the visual enjoyment of the piece.

Suzi Marquess Long arrived in Mendocino at the end of 2005 and opened her watertower gallery (Wind & Weather, Mendocino) in May of 2006. Her current work ranges from pastel land/seascapes done en plein air, to her photorealistic WAVE series, to trompe l'oeil murals, to projects like decorated whales for the Chamber, violins for the Symphony, birdhouses for the Botanical Gardens, donated sketching classes, and volunteering for any number of other worthwhile causes on the Coast. She also partners with 16 other artisans in MEA ( to help support the Salmon Restoration Association, the Mendocino Land Trust and the Mendocino Area Parks Association. This award-winning artist is a three-time cancer survivor and her joie de vivre is palpable! Drop by her watertower gallery for a hug and a smile sometime!

Symphony of the Redwoods


Artist: Sunshine Taylor

"My inspiration for painting a Calla Lily as the subject for my violin comes from the fact that I absolutely LOVE painting Calla's. The shape of the violin lends itself to going hand in hand with a Calla Lily image. I couldn't resist creating what I consider my "signature" painting on this lovely violin. "
Sunshine began painting in watercolor in 1981, while living in northern Vermont. A native Californian, Sunshine returned to her home state in 1989. She's added an inspired new direction and is also working in acrylics, which are providing her with a brilliant avenue for her love of color.

Sunshine created the 1998 poster for “Art in the Gardens,”  2005 “Winesong!” poster, and 2006 “Mendocino Art Center Garden Tour” poster. Sunshine’s work is represented by the Mendocino Art Center, and The Prentice Gallery.

Sunshine lives in Caspar, CA. with her fabulous, enthusiastic swing dancing partner/husband, Glenn Rude.


Photos by Larry Wagner  


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