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Symphony of the Redwoods Visits Dana Gray and Redwood Elementary ~ January 2017

On January 13th, Symphony of the Redwoods performed for students of Dana Gray and Redwood Elementary, providing a chance to see a live orchestra in action. The orchestra presented two concerts at each school, with Sandy Glickfeld narrating. She introduced the different instruments of the orchestra and suggested ways for the students to participate rhythmically in the music.

For the opening piece, a Haydn minuet, students were invited to conduct the music along with the conductor Les Pfutzenreuter by making triangle shapes in the air with their fingers. For the next piece, the famous Andante movement of Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony, the students spoke words that music teacher Mary Linklater had taught them that matched the rhythm of that famous melody. During the orchestra's performance of this piece, the surprise loud note in the middle of the music never ceased to cause a stir in the young audience. The 30-minute concerts concluded with a tango by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. Students first clapped the tango rhythm and then were treated to another surprise when Dana Gray 4th grade students Brylie Grover and Sadie Custer joined the performance dancing a tango they had choreographed especially for the concerts.

Contributions make it possible to provide children's concerts as well as free admission to all students for all Symphony and Opus Chamber Music concerts. Donations to Symphony of the Redwoods can be designated for the Children's Concert.

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